IamBot automates interactions between business and customers

IamBot supports various communications platforms providing customers with a unified experience





IamBot Chat


Google Assistant

Key benefits of using IamBot

Ubiquitous and visual shopping experience

Boost your sales by offering your customers new and super convenient sales channel with an immersive experience and intuitive product search

AI supported customer service

Build relationships and provide your clients with best-in-class customer service. The fastest and the most accurate answers powered by AI with a human touch

AI recommendation engine

Increase conversion rates by reaching your customers with hyper-personalized offers based on their preferences and purchase history

Successfully serving customers across a wide range of industries

We’ve Got You Covered

Available 24/7

Your IamBot doesn’t take lunch breaks or take time off over the holidays. It sells whilst you sleep

100% customer satisfaction

Your IamBot will always treat a customer in the most polite and perfect way no matter what attitude the customer has with it

Customer service

Instant, consistent and personized customer responses


Automate repetitive tasks

Your IamBot will now help you automate mundane but frequent tasks without any human error making you more efficient

Money saver

The cost to serve is lower than an employee with a minimum call deflection of 30% ROI not including the uplift in sales


Your IamBot will be able to recognize frequent or high-value customers, and tailor responses to the customers profile if known

Increase your sales and enhance your customers’ service with AI-powered shopping experience for a mobile-first world