The platform to automate the interaction between a business and its clients, utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and self-learning algorithms based on the latest scientific advances.

We love What we do

We create solutions to automate interactions between a business and its customers


We save your customers time by letting them decide when and where to chat – anytime, day or night.

Natural Language

We overcome traditional limits on communicating with AI systems by allowing natural conversation in any language.

Employee Satisfaction

We increase team satisfaction by minimizing time spent on repetitive customer support calls.


We automate and simplify points of contact and improve the quality and relevancy of customer communication.

We trust in science

Cognitive Automation Engine

Our solution applies continuous machine-learning algorithms to analyze massive amounts of customer questions and statements across relevant industries and markets, thereby enabling automated human-like communication.

With our unique approach we deliver automation for messaging via platforms such as AI Web Chat, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Email, In-App Chat, providing a new point of contact between business and customers. By utilizing messaging interfaces commonly used by millions of people, we compliment customer service resources, create new sales channels, and drive sales.


What You Get

Seamless Conversation

Effortless messaging with customers.


Answers predefined commonly asked questions.

New Sales Channel

Conversation directs traffic to your online products.

Rich Messages

Conversations with clickable buttons.

Product Search

Searching through products while the conversation happens.

Customer Support

A tool to support customer service departments.

Image recognition

Enables searching for items or products by uploading photos.


An engine that collects data and improves its own efficiency

AI Web Chat

Fully customizable web chat solution.


Monitoring results and efficiency of customer support.


Using customer location, e.g. to find nearest store.


Integrated with dashboard for agent handover.

Fully Platform Agnostic

Built For & Tested on All Major Platforms & Devices

Our solution is compatible with every communication platform. From internal chat platforms to Facebook Messenger to traditional e-mail, our Cognitive Automation Engine operates and integrates seemlessly.

We support them all

Fully multilingual solution

Cognitive Automation Engine is scalable with multilingual support for up to 300 languages.


Successfully serving customers across multiple industries


We enable sales channels through messaging automation, delivering an omnichannel e-commerce solution that allows the customer to focus on shopping and improves the customer journey.

Financial Technology

Our solution helps customers solve transactional problems directly without customer service staff support, thereby allowing staff to focus on more complex customer service needs.

Human Resources

We help both employees and human resource managers by automating answers to common HR questions.


We improve the hospitality reservation experience and help  answer guest questions during their stay, thereby increasing return-visits and customer referrals. 


We make travel easier through automated ticketing and reservation management  and we help travel agents during peak seasons by automatically answering travellers’ most common questions.


We reduce the cost of operating customer service centers and improve the quality of customer service by automatically solving common problems.


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